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  • Why is a thirty five second video too long?
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  • Now I'm really at a loss for words! As it turns out, they now believe Tris to have been drugged and the drug that is in his system is 100% fatal at Stage 4. Teams are working hard to find a cure for him. Seriously rethinking EVERYTHING right now!
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  • Headed to Nova to see Jordan. He had a bad night.
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  • So much drama I'm dealing with today with the return of Eamonn into my life and the condition I found him in and what I feel for him and for Jordan McCallister as they each go through insane personal struggles!
    Asking prayers for all of us as I work today to keep me sane!
    Have a great day Ireland!
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  • Just got done with some housework ar Jordan's. He very much objected to me lifting fingers, but it was clear he needed me. He stays exhausted just from trying to get his life back together after all his years gone. I can't even imagine what kind of PTSD he must have from all of that. I'm here Jordan if you need me.
    Now after playing with my kiddos for a bit, it is time to head back to work at United. Hopefully things will go pretty slow. Give me a chance to catch a break, a bite with Jordan, and maybe even a much needed nap.
    Have a great evening Ireland! Hold your loved ones close and always tell them how much you love them!
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  • Welcome to my new PUBLIC social media. I needed a change. Facebook was becoming too much of a JOKE any more. So I found a more adult version of social media.
    And on today's episode of Madria's life...
    (Sorry I did that for those assholes on that fake Heartstone Global page who want me to "confess my life is all roleplay". All we can do is laugh. Right.
    Anyway, on to what's really happening now, I found out my boyfriend Tristan cheated on me. so I am doing my best to get answers from him and move forward.
    By forward I mean me and the kids have moved with his brother Jordan. NO! Don't go there! He is a friend! A good one! I am finding my way as I go now.
    Prayers appreciated.
    Anyway, have a great day Ireland! Enjoy every moment with those you love! Those momen
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  • now time the training...,!!! ????
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